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GP Law Website Terms of Use

  1. This site is intended to provide general information on the law relating to General Practice.  The text has been written by David Lock QC, with assistance from a range of other lawyers.  He hopes you find this website useful in describing an area of the law that is complex, inconsistent and is constantly changing.   The authors are lawyers who have developed the site in their spare time and offer this information without accepting any liability whatsoever for the accuracy, reliability of the information or whether the information is up to date when read.
  2. It seems inevitable that, despite our efforts, there will be errors on the site as there are errors in textbooks or in government guidance.  New statutes or Regulations are published or are brought into effect, new guidance is published or cases in the courts come to decisions which few expected.  The information is only intended to provide a general guide to the law in each area from the perspective of an individual lawyer at a particular date.  If readers have a particular legal problem they should not rely on the information on this website as constituting legal advice but are strongly encouraged to seek specific legal advice about their rights and obligations and not to rely solely on the information set out on this site.  The information on the site is inevitably general and may or may not assist in working out the rights and obligations in any particular situation.
  3. Any views expressed in any part of this site represent the views of the author but no warranty is given that the view is an accurate statement of the law, is a view which is held by lawyers generally or is in accord with the decisions of the courts.
  4. Finally all readers should bear in mind the law is in a constant state of flux.  The authors do not have the capacity to keep all aspects of the site up to date at the same speed that the law changes.  We will do our best to update papers as and when we have time, but accept no legal responsibility for any errors on the site due to the material being out of date or for any other reason.